The Modern Old Town

Trail Starts Here: Na Kropáčce 30
First object: U Beránka / The Lamb House
Rudolf Němec, 1907
Public transport: Komenského (BUS 18, 19; TROLEJBUS 2,4,21)
GPS: 50.209202704, 15.8344382054, stáhnout GPX nebo KML
Lenght of trail: 1,3 KM, 20 min

This trail follows the Ring Road Trail. It starts at the staircase designed by Josef Gočár in 1909, which replaced the historic Kropáčka tower. The next stop is U Beránka/The Lamb House, one of the examples of Neo-Baroque architecture that was very popular in Hradec Králové. Opposite, we can see a pair of tall buildings – Mr Špalek’s department store, designed by Vladimír Fultner and evoking American skyscrapers, and the former Credit Union designed by Osvald Polívka, now the Gallery of Modern Art. Compared to the historic buildings, the height of these two houses was seen as very controversial. In the northern front of the historic square, there is the Neo-Renaissance Berger & Munk Company building designed by Prague architect Čeněk Křička. In the so-called St John’s Yard (Svatojánský plácek), there is merchant Hanuš’s modern tenement house designed by Vladimír Fultner; opposite, there is the Neo-Baroque palace of the Civil Credit Union designed by Rudolf Němec. It’s hard to believe that Mr Hanuš’s house was built in 1909, three years before the credit union palace. In Tomkova Street, there are two more buildings designed by Rudolf Němec – the first palace of the Credit Union (1904) and a tenement house (1905) which was as an example of modern architecture in Hradec Králové – its project was published in the prestigious journal Der Architect. The last stop is the Jan Hus House which was to serve the Evangelical (Reformed) Church of Helvetian confession. The project in the geometrical Art Nouveau style and classical elements was designed by Václav Rejchl and his son, Václav Rejchl, Jr., just before WWI.