The Grand Villa Trail

Trail Starts Here: Střelecká 824/47
First object: Oldřich Liska’s Villa with a Studio
Oldřich Liska, 1932
Public transport: Lipky (AUTOBUS 8, 9, 14, 24; TROLEJBUS 1)
Ulrichovo náměstí (AUTOBUS 5, 14, 15, 17; TROLEJBUS 2, 6)
GPS: 50.2090603N, 15.8194033E, stáhnout GPX nebo KML
Lenght of trail: 1,8 KM, 30 min

The trail starts at the crossroad of Gočárova and Střelecká Streets. There are three villas: Mr and Mrs Pažout’s villa with features of folk architecture in the wooden gable, Jan Sixta’s modern villa designed by Václav Rejchl, Jr., and Václav Charvát’ss purely modernist villa designed by Vladimír Fultner. Towards Střelecká Street, we can see Mr and Mrs Nepasický’s villa designed by Milan Babuška, Václav Píša’s villa designed by Vladimír Fultner, Karel Janda’s two traditionalist villas designed by Václav Rejchl, and Marie Wünschová’s villa designed by Jaroslav Pažout. Across Střelecká Street, there are two remarkable villas opposite each other: Oldřich Liska’s villa with a studio and Alois Švorčík’s villa. Architect Oldřich Liska designed both of the houses as parts of a future block with a semi-open green courtyard – this concept can be seen as his original contribution to modern urbanism. Next, there is Mr Tesař’s corner villa designed by Bohumil Waigant, standing next to a turn to the borough of Farářství, situated behind perhaps the only purely functionalist villa in Hradec Králové – Mr and Ms Cee’s villa designed by Karel Horak; Bohuslav Horský’s house with strip windows – and František Sternwald’s late modernist villa. Next, there are four terraced houses in Čechova Street designed by Josef Sedlak, who soon realized that simple and practical buildings with flat roofs were attractive for sale and lease. Around the corner, in Vrchlického Street, there are three houses designed by Oldřich Liska for Jan Hypius, Marie Sálová and himself (with the office he shared with architect Josef Fňouk). Next, there is Jan Holeček’s traditionalist villa and Mr and Mrs Fuchs’ representative house designed by Czech-German architect Kurt Spielmann. At the end of the trail, on both sides of Vrchlického Street, there are terraced houses, richly decorated in Art Deco style, designed by constructor and architect Josef Mudra.