The River Trail

Trail Starts Here: Moravský most bez čp.
First object: Power Plant on the Orlice River
František Sander, Karel Novák, 1917
Public transport: Zimní stadion (BUS 16, 18, 19, 23; TROLEJBUS 2, 4, 21, 27)
GPS: 50.206330, 15.831978, stáhnout GPX nebo KML
Lenght of trail: 7,5 KM, 1 h 45 min

The longest trail, almost an excursion, starts at the modernist power station on the Orlice River and continues through Jiráskovy sady Park with a restaurant pavilion designed by Jan Rejchl and to the older power plant on the Elbe River designed by František Sander. Then it leads to the schools designed by Josef Gočár and to the post-war Labská kotlina housing estate in today’s Svobody Square, designed by František Bartoš and Josef Havlíček, where you can see the Business Academy designed by Hubert Gessner and Otokar Bém and Mr Juliš’s house designed by Bohumil Waigant. Then it leads across Prague Bridge with the kiosks designed by Jan Kotěra to Eliščino nábřeží Embankment with the following most significant examples of modern architecture in Hradec Králové: Viktor Weinhengst’s house designed by Bedřich Bendlmayer and Rudolf Němec, the corner municipal house designed by Jan Kotěra between 1922 and 1923, the museum designed by Kotěra and built between 1909 and 1913, which is the only national monument in the city and one of the most important milestones of Czech modern architecture, and the National Bank and the District Business Credit Union designed by Jan Rejchl in Osvoboditelů Square. From there, the trail leads to the purist Sokol gym designed by Milan Babuška and the functionalist urban spa by Oldřich Liska and further north along the banks of the Elbe River. This romantic outing ends at the stone bridge in the borough of Plácky, designed by František Sander, and the power plant in Předměřice, built on the site of a lock chamber with Cubist features designed by Pavel Janál and a private power plant designed by Oldřich Liska, neither of which now exist.