About the project

Hradec Králové Architecture Manual (KAM), supported by kontrapunkt, a cultural NGO, is an expert and popularising database that provides a comprehensive overview of architecture, architectural projects, style register, artistic decoration and urban planning in Hradec Králové between 1894 and 1989. In its unique online database, the Hradec Králové Architectural Manual documents contemporary architecture, famous buildings and undiscovered and hidden gems, architects, developers and valuable public spaces and parks that we cannot imagine the city without. The medallions are accompanied with both contemporary and archival photographic documentation, which will also include audio recordings and signs in public spaces in the future.
At present, the database includes more than 200 objects in Czech, English and German language. By combining the objects, nine themed walking circuits are created.
We will also use Facebook to inform you of public guided walks organized, for example, on the Day of Architecture.
The KAM builds on the successful Brno Architectural Manual (BAM, www.bam.brno.cz), Pilsen Architectural Manual (PAM www.pam.plzne.cz) and Litomyšl Architectural Manual (LAM www.lam.litomysl.cz).
kontrapunkt, z. ú.
kontrapunkt is a cultural non-profit organization that has operated in Hradec Králové since 2005 (originally under the name of Poco a poco animato). The main objective of its projects is to involve the citizens in the cultural and social life of the city and establish professional cooperation and a creative community in Hradec Králové.
Since 2010, kontrapunkt has organized one of the most important, longest and most demanding events in the city and region of Hradec Králové – the Open Air Program at the International Theatre Festival of European Regions. Since 2015, kontrapunkt has also organized major international music events, such as the Jazz Goes to Town festival. It also organizes community events, including a number of creative and cultural meetings, such as “Zaber Hradec!” and more. In 2018, kontrapunkt launched two new projects – the Walk Thru Gallery in public space and the Hradec Králové Architecture Manual (KAM).
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Project team
Project coordinator, director of kontrapunkt: Barbora Hodonická
Special adviser: Ladislav Zikmund-Lender
Authors of the texts: Jan Florentýn Báchor (JFB), Matěj Bekera (MB), Klára Brůhová (KB), Zuzana Hýblová (ZH), Lukáš Nozar (LN), Marcel Pencák (MP), Salma Soppe (SS), Lucie Valdhansová (LV), Anna Waisserová (AW), Ladislav Zikmund-Lender (LZL), Markét Žáčková (MŽ)
Students from "History of Architecture of the 20th Century" course at the FAST VUT under pedagogical guidence of Markéta Žáčková
Photography: Jiří Zikmund (JZ)
Graphic design: Jan Dienstbier
PR: Helena Herzánová
Database and website: Via Aurea, s.r.o.
Mobile Apps: Aconte, s. r. o.
English translation: Sylva Ficová
German translation: Julia Miesenböck

Sound and direction of audioguides: Natálie Kratochvílová, Jan Kratochvíl

Voices of Czech audioguides: Barbora Ungerová, Jan Unger

Music of audioguides: DVA

Cooperation: Ivan Šenk, Hana Matějová, Karolína Pláničková
Special thanks to: The Brno House of Arts, The Museum of Eastern Bohemia in Hradec Králové